About Us

To according documentation in Iceland, and other countrys based on information and personal acquaintance with, I can provide the following background information on my self. I have been engaged in various aspects of the fishing industry for the last 35 years. I formed my own company in 1989 Klettur hf, mainly exporting fresh and dried fish to destinations in Continental Europe and The United States. During 1997 and 1998 I participated in a project in the Faroe Islands involving the establishment of a production line for drying fish and fish heads for export to Nigeria and was one of the founders of a corporation formed to that effect, Ocean Products SpF of Faroe Islands.

In 1998 I went to Canada to set up similar facilities there and stayed until 2000. Through my company Klettur hf. I have had a long standing business relationship with many of my first customers.

My activities has also been in The United States as my business venture I am involving a new kind of fish processing in cooperation with American and Icelandic companies and individuals; Securing raw materials, setting up production lines, training labor and establishing appropriate marketing and sales channels for the finished product for the first time (stockfishbits).

This whole process did require my unique experience and know how for an extended period of time in America.

The project, was successful, and did increase utilization and add value to current available catches for the parties involved and create additional jobs for the community.

Then, in due course, a company has been formed (Nort Atlantic Stockfish,) around this particular venture between the parties involved. During last 10 years I have been workin on my company Flexa Seafood lmt. Shipping fresh fish from Norway and Iceland as well Stockfish and other stockfisproduct. Our new product in stockfish will be stockfish in oil wich I have been working on for the last 10 years.

Your sincerely,

Gudni Bjornsson

CEO North Atlantic Stockfish